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Dr. Mathew Mathai is the founding Pastor of the Shalom Malayalam Church. He came from Kollam district , Kerala. His desire to serve God was fostered by his parents who served the Lord faithfully. Mathew accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour at the age of 11. He received water baptism at the age of 14 and was very soon filled with the Holy Spirit. Mathew started his involvement in the Christian ministry at a very young age as a Sunday school teacher and Youth leader.

After completing his Master of Arts in Political Science from Kerala University. Mathew went to Bhopal and started his career as a journalist and later on became a lecturer of Political Science. He continued his academic pursuit and completed a Masters in Economics and Ph.D in Political Science. In his eagerness to serve God he equipped himself with theological education from reputed institutions in India and New Zealand. In obedience to God’s calling in his life he devoted his time and energy in spreading the gospel in Bhopal and preaching the Word in different churches. God who is faithful honoured his commitment and zeal for Him with leadership positions with Gideons International, Hospital Ministries, Pentecostal Union Prayer Fellowship etc. Mathew married Rachel on 1 July 1993. Raichel is a strong partner in Mathew’s ministry.

God’s greater plan for his life began to unfold when He directed him to New Zealand. With a great desire to serve God he arrived in Auckland in 1998. God taught him the lessons of walking by faith. The God of Elijah did not let him down. He opened the ways of ministry and used him for His glory in Auckland.

God directed him to Wellington in 1999. His family joined him after two years and they continued their ministry with total commitment. Gates of Hell did everything possible to discourage them from pursuing the will of God in their lives. They endured the challenges and oppositions with tears and prayer. They started the Jayajeevitham, the first Malayalam radio programme in New Zealand in 2001. God confirmed His calling in their lives by performing signs and wonders through their ministry. Their dream came to fruition in the establishment of the Shalom Malayalam Church in Wellington in 2003.

Mathew and Raichel are blessed with three boys- Stephen, Samuel and Thomas. Mathew and family are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God here in New Zealand and throughout the world.

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